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During our expert-led webinar you will:

  • Partner-led Culture of Embracing Change: Overcoming challenges in technology adoption and risk awareness among IT personnel.
  • Importance of Embracing Emerging Technology: Exploring the significance of firm leaders embracing technologies like Copilot to enhance capacity and efficiency.
  • Innovation as a Core Focus of the IT Team: Leveraging AI to drive efficiency and optimize resources.
  • Specific Technologies to Drive Firm Success: Insights on leveraging public cloud, workflow automation, GenAI, and key considerations such as data privacy and security.

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Webinar: How Transformative Technologies Like Cloud & AI Are Reshaping the CPA Profession

In this 60-minute webinar, Netgain's Kate Krupey hosts Gary Thomson from Thomson Consulting and Sumeet Sabharwal from Netgain to share innovative technologies transforming CPAs. 

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