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Our expert-led webinar will provide you with practical examples of using Copilot in:

  • Excel
  • Teams
  • Word

Sumeet Sabharwal, CEO


Sumeet has spent the last 30 years creating, scaling, operating, and transforming technology services for firms. Such ventures included driving the transformation of hybrid multicloud managed services, unlocking accelerated growth, enhancing operational efficiency, and leading global efforts across key markets.

As the chief orchestrator at Netgain, he is passionate about bringing together the best talent with a shared purpose to deliver on the promise of technology across the CPA, Legal, and Healthcare industries.

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Webinar: Microsoft Copilot - Leveraging Copilot for Enhanced Productivity in CPA Firms

In this 45-minute webinar, Netgain's Sumeet Sabharwal and Bill Sorenson will share the latest advancements in Microsoft Copilot and how it can revolutionize the way CPA and accounting firms operate.

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Bill Sorenson, VP of Professional Services


Bill leverages his 25 years of experience moving organizations to the cloud and leading businesses to secure environments as a senior technology leader. With a passion for cloud technology, Bill leads the product team in helping deliver robust, cost effective, and compliant solutions to the accounting and healthcare industries, allowing organizations to meet and exceed their goals.

He is a national speaker on both cloud computing and cybersecurity to organizations working to align strategies to assist in growth and security. 

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