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You will learn how to create and improve capacity by

  • Developing automation with billing and collections through RPA software
  • Best practices and pitfalls to avoid when outsourcing
  • How outsourcing technology and leveraging secure, performance environments for near/offshore providers creates efficiencies and can improve data security
  • Adopting a "value pricing" strategy to attract better clients and realize better profitability
  • Creating an exceptional client experience to drive revenue
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Pat Morrell, Chief Revenue Officer, Aiwyn

Pat is a veteran sales and marketing leader and startup founder. His experience includes being employee #3 at Three Ships and leading enterprise sales for Skookum, a software agency. After being recruited to Sealed Air Corporation to build the enterprise’s first inside sales team and running a 9-figure portfolio of commodity products, he founded a successful direct to consumer eCommerce business, which he then sold. Thereafter, he cofounded Digitize.AI where he ran sales — after successfully exiting that business, he started Aiwyn with Justin Adams, his Digitize.AI cofounder.

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Webinar: How Modern Accounting Firms Are Solving the Capacity Conundrum

Join Pat Morrell, Chief Revenue Officer with Aiwyn, Bob Lewis, President of The Visionary Group and Kate Krupey, VP of Accounting with Netgain for this webinar as they discuss how the modern firm can create capacity through automation, outsourcing, and applying value pricing which ultimately leads to exceptional client experiences for the firm’s clients.


Kate Krupey, VP of Accounting, Netgain

Kate Krupey is Vice President of Accounting at Netgain Technology, LLC, which provides secure, cloud-based infrastructure to optimize and support CPA business applications. A former CPA firm CIO, Kate has over 20 years of experience in optimizing and transforming technology for accounting firms, professional services firms, and startups. Kate speaks nationally at accounting industry groups, associations, and user conferences with a focus on innovation in the accounting industry.

Bob Lewis, President, The Visionary Group

Bob is one of Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting. His focus is to grow CPA Firms using a process of mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, capacity expansion, and creation or expansion of a firm’s advisory services capabilities. He helps leaders refine who they want as a client moving forward and how to build the enterprise value of a firm. Bob was an accountant and has been exclusively supporting the CPA profession for 25-plus years. He collaborates with firms of any size, including a few of the largest firms in the country.